Hawaii Lions Eye Bank and Makana Foundation
405 N. Kuakini St, Suite 801
Honolulu, HI 96817

District 50 Hawai'i Lions

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Organ Stats

112,505 People waiting for organ transplant in the US

18 People die each day while waiting on an organ transplant on average

422 People on organ transplant wait list in Hawai'i

Cornea Stats

190 The average number of people who need a cornea in Hawai'i yearly

0 The number of people in Hawai'i on cornea transplant "waitlist"

14 The number of people currently scheduled to have cornea surgery in Hawai'i

Without donors there could be no gift of sight. We express our gratitude to the donor families for their decision to share this precious gift.
Art By Jessica

The artist was 16 years old at the time she created this work of art. She was born with a disease called Peter’s Anomaly. For her it meant a lifetime of blindness or cornea transplants in both eyes before she was 2 months old. Thanks to the strength and generosity of two families who made the decision to donate we all can see the beauty of the world through her eyes.


Art by Jessica S. 2008

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